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Define Incivility in Nursing Education

Define Incivility in Nursing Education

The nursing profession is a profession that is devoted to helping others. The hectic nature of work can cause stressful situations where employees take their frustrations out on each other. Night and weekend LPN programs (clinical nursing program) provide those looking for flexibility with education a valuable opportunity to balance education with other commitments.

Incivility Among Nurses

The American Nursing Association (ANA) defines incivility as “one or several rude, disrespectful, or uncourteous actions, which may or may not have a negative intention behind them.”

Incivility in nursing education is usually measured on a scale, progressing from low to high risk. Incivility can be categorized as disruptive behaviors, such as eye-rolling, sarcastic remarks, bullying, and racial/ethnic insults, to more aggressive and possibly violent and inappropriate behaviors, like intimidation or physical violence.

No one should accept verbal or physical aggression from family members, patients, or co-workers.

These incidents have severe effects on the clinical nurse’s health and their ability to give nursing care, basically affecting patient outcomes.

  • They fear that their manager will ignore them or discipline them.
  • Worried that team members might view them negatively or as a complaining employee.
  • Unsure whether what they are witnessing is incivility in nursing education at work because they have yet to receive the training to identify it.

The nurse managers are responsible for informing staff about how to treat new team members correctly. During their onboarding, new team members should receive training on recognizing incivility and encouraging employees to behave respectfully towards each other.

What Does Incivility Look Like Among Nurses?

Every practical nurse should be aware of what constitutes incivility. It is easier to address and resolve the issues before they escalate and become bullying or physical violence. Get enrollment in licensed practical nursing schools for programs in nursing to acquire evidence-based practice and learn how to be aware of incivility.

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Here’s a list of common workplace examples of rudeness:

  • Being temperamental or yelling and screaming at others
  • Arriving late to meetings
  • Disrespecting other employees
  • Talking about or blackmailing other employees behind the backs
  • Sabotage someone else’s project
  • Ruining the reputation of an employee
  • Failing to pay attention during meetings
  • Not responding to emails, calls, or other communications or deliberately replying late
  • Interrupting employees in meetings, presentations, or conversations
  • Ignoring employees while they speak
  • Keep important information about a client or a company from your employees.

The work environment can be civil and respectful by promoting a positive attitude, educating staff about proper prevention methods, and setting clear guidelines for team behavior.

Examples of Incivility in Nursing

Example One

A charge nurse had the following conversation with a new nurse:

Charge nurse: “Jane! You have yet to call the ED for a report about the new patient arriving in room 221.

Jane: I’m sorry, but I can’t call you back. I am behind on medication administration, and I need to feed a new patient. His NG tube is clogged, and I spent 45 minutes trying to unclog the tube.

Was the conversation above rude or just a person’s honest opinion? It’s harsh. It happened. She addressed her colleague in that manner and told the other nurses or health care providers on the floor that she was lazy and wouldn’t do anything without help.

Example Two

Sarah: Hello, Lee. Please check that I entered this medication order correctly. Is the demand for my patient in room 715 correct? I told the doctor, and he read back the verbal order.

Lee: Sarah, you’re not wrong. Don’t you need a refresher on the nursing administration of opioids and medication orders? You can buy “Medication Administration for Dummies,” which I believe will be helpful.

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Addressing incivility in nursing education is paramount in creating a productive work environment and guaranteeing optimal patient care for patient satisfaction. Find Illinois College of Nursing accreditation to get knowledge of patient care.