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Chicago LPN Training

To ensure financial stability, you may consider pursuing training and certification that proves to be a lucrative career in a particular industry. Anyone who is curious about health, science, and technology, and likes to work in a team can enroll in Chicago LPN training provided by Verve College. Chicago LPN makes up approximately 15% of the total nurse force within the city and provides nursing students with the education required to work as a successful LPN. 

Chicago ranks number 79 on the list of top 100 US cities with an LPN comfort score of 16. Licensed practical nurses in Chicago generate an average income of $44,000 per year. The employment growth for this sector is estimated at 1.47% and includes hospital, home health, private practice, and nursing home positions.

Becoming an LPN in Chicago

The process of becoming an LPN doesn’t end after graduating from a program. Students can become an LPN in Chicago by taking and scoring well enough on a particular exam, known as NCLEX or endorsement. Students are required to take and pass the NCLEX-PN exam in order to officially gain licensure. Students are eligible to take the Licensed Nursing Exam if they are:

  • Nursing graduates from an approved or accredited nursing programs
  • Individuals who have pursued any course which is equivalent to licensed practical nurse training.
  • May require a valid CNA certification.

LPNs in Chicago work closely with patients, facility residents, and clients.
LPN roles and responsibilities include performing basic diagnostic tests, giving prescribed medication to patients, giving injections, administering medication to patients, and many other necessary responsibilities.

The Best LPN Schools in Chicago

Verve College is known as one of the Best LPN Schools in Chicago, offering highly engaging and interactive programs including A&P Prep Course and a full PN program. The high ranking is based on accreditation, the academic performance of our students, and the quality of our graduates. The best LPN schools in Chicago are weighted based on student enrollment rate, graduation rates, and student-to-faculty ratios, as well as NCLEX-PN first time pass rates, affordability, and school reputation.  

Accredited LPN Program In Chicago

With the increased demand for licensed practical nurses, the demand for quality and excellence in nursing education has also increased. In such a scenario, approvals and accreditations play an indispensable role to evaluate LPN programs in Chicago based on the established quality standards and practices. Verve College is also known for offering the best and accredited nursing courses to students who want to become an LPN in Chicago.

Verve College holds approvals and accreditation from the following  state agencies:

  • Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).
  • Division of Private Business & Vocational schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.
  • U.S. Department of Education (School Code 04197).
  • Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.
  • Accrediting Bureau of Health Educational Schools (ABHES).