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Challenges Faced By An LPN

Challenges Faced By An LPN

Challenges Faced By An LPN

If you ask someone to name a few most challenging jobs in the world, nursing would definitely pop up for sure. This is so because the core nature of the nursing job demands an individual to be dedicated, quick, and efficient. If an individual is not so, he/she would find it immensely hard to survive in the domain of nursing.

Though a person might be fully competent to work in the nursing arena there are still some tough challenges that are hard to overcome. Such challenges take the shape of obstacles and often hamper the normal routine of nursing. Here are some of the most common challenges that an LPN tends to face once he/she begins to work in a medical workplace after completing medical assistant programs from LPN schools:-

Overworked and High-Demanding Shifts
It is an evident fact that nurses are often too occupied. They are mostly overworked and function on such working shifts that demand a lot throughout the day and night. It becomes challenging for LPNs to handle such a workload. This results in fatigue and health deterioration as well.
Tip: An LPN must take regular breaks, refresh themselves, calm themselves down whenever possible in order to tame down the work, and increase work efficiency.

Work Injury
Work injuries are a part of an LPN’s nursing life. Small cuts and wounds are normal to bear but it is worldwide noticed that nurses most likely suffer painful back pains. Given their job’s nature, LPNs are mostly on their feet all throughout their shift. This leaves them with major back pains which even leads to worse conditions.
Tip: For handling this, an LPN must immediately take action for healing the back pains before it further leads to a serious state. He/She should consult seniors who could suggest a remedy or help them reduce the workload as well.

Stressful Work Environment
It is a fact that not every workplace can always be friendly or supportive. Many LPNs work in such an environment that surrounds them with stress and anxiety which they find hard to cope with. Stressful work culture and non-synchronization with colleagues affect their mental health which results in hampering their nursing services.
Tip: If an LPN is working in a non-supportive environment, he/she must try to make the workplace better by offering help, talking to colleagues, and creating a positive workspace. He/she should also try to adopt some self-help techniques that may help to gel in well with the workplace and the colleagues around.

Shortage Of Staff
Nurses are often overloaded with work. One of the key reasons for this is under-staffing. The shortage of staff causes other LPNs to work double the time which affects their work efficiency and health as well.
Tip: If an LPN finds herself too overloaded with work, he/she should immediately consult with the administration of the workplace. The management and administration staff can resolve this problem by employing new LPNs who have experience or those who have just completed licensed practical nursing programs.

These major challenges are very hard and often take a toll on an LPN’s health and work performance. Thus, if you are an LPN who has just concluded the nursing education and weekend nursing programs, and is facing these challenges at the workplace, take the help of the tips to cope with them. You must not let these challenges hamper your efficiency as they can be handled easily if proper steps are taken on time.

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