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Getting off to a Great Start on Your Anatomy and Physiology Classes

Getting off to a Great Start on Your Anatomy and Physiology Classes

Anatomy and Physiology Classes: Tips For a Strong Start

Is anatomy and physiology classes something you are taking this year? Do you plan to become a nurse or another allied health professional? A&P can be scary for students.

We have been teaching this course for decades and have seen many successful students each semester. Although A&P can be managed, many factors will impact your success. These are five areas of concern to A&P students. This concerns the foundation. These areas must be addressed to get a great start for your semester.

Getting a Good Start in Anatomy & Physiology

Time Management

All the rest of the stuff is irrelevant if you do not commit the time. Anatomy & Physiology is an intensive time in this course. For every hour spent in class or lab, we recommend studying for at least 3 hours learning process. Time management is the number one reason students fail in online learning environments. It is also true in traditional classroom settings. Many students need to realize they must make sacrifices for school. When it comes to time, there is always a compromise. You must set goals, prioritize your tasks, and then create a plan. You need to be realistic about your time and your commitments.

Reading/Writing/Math Skills:

Although it may not apply to you, we wanted to mention it. If you scored well on the ACT/SAT and are currently taking developmental courses, you must complete these prerequisites before attempting your A&P course. A&P requires much reading, and many explanations involve math concepts.

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Background Knowledge:

You should refresh your knowledge if you have not taken a biology class in the past six months. Textbook publishers offer great resources to refresh your memory. College professors assume you have taken high school biology and, hopefully, chemistry courses or other anatomy and physiology course near me. You will feel overwhelmed if you do not have these courses.


Although each student is unique, there is one common thread among all students. It is vital to take an active part in your studies. You are not doing your job right if you read too often and do not write anything down. The truth is, the more you reread the task, the less attention it gets. This can lead to less benefit. Active study methods include rewriting notes, taking notecards, and recording yourself reviewing the lesson. You can “teach” material to a partner. Join a study group. GO to LAB. These are just a few suggestions or strategies. We will soon post some information about a&p class.

Spend Time in the Lab: A&P class’s lab usually has open study hours. Use your lecture materials to help you connect lecture and lab material to study in the lab. Spending time in the laboratory is the best way to learn. Repetition is key to mastering lab exams as you did when you learned your body parts as an infant.

Join a Study Group: We recommend that study groups meet at a designated time for coffee or dinner. It allows socialization, complaining about the instructor, and letting off steam. It does not interfere with study time. We strongly recommend setting ground rules for staying on track during study time. We had seen extremely successful groups and others who claimed to be studying but were off the topic when they passed you.

Color Code Everything: You can find many examples on Pinterest. But only spend hours browsing through the systems of others. You will likely need to make your own. Color coding can include highlighters, flags, sticky notes, and colored pens. Start by creating a vocabulary and color-coding it according to type or subject.

Sticky Notes and Other Supplies: Even though it is college, you still need school supplies. You can use whiteboards or poster boards to create large diagrams of information. If you are using a whiteboard, take a photo. Use technology to your advantage. Put a barrier up so you can concentrate on your course. Although notecards/flashcards are a great way of studying, many students need to use them more efficiently.

Read the Text: You must ensure that you read the text correctly. Many students need help understanding how to read nonfiction material. You need to learn how. There are many great resources available online.

You Can Use the Tutoring/Learning Center: Many colleges offer tutoring/learning centers that provide tutoring at reduced prices or free. Register if you are concerned. Many tutors have recently completed the course and can provide valuable insight. Tutoring doesn’t have to be for students who are failing.


Only you can decide your motivation. You need to reevaluate your reason to see if your goals could be more motivating. We can talk about setting goals and prioritizing. Goal setting can be a difficult skill that many people need to master.

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Last Thoughts

You’ll ace anatomy and biology with the help of these study hacks. Make sure you show up to all of your a&p class this semester. Most of the significant ideas are covered. Attend the lectures and concentrate on the material being covered. Remember to take notes. You can get an A&P class if you need it.