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About Nursing Theories For LPNs

About Nursing Theories For LPNs


Ultimate Guide About Nursing Theories For LPNs

What Are Nursing Theories?

Nursing theories serve to define and guide nursing practice. Many early 1900s-developed theories that still govern public health settings today date back centuries, if not more. Assume nursing theories will be integral to your education if you plan on becoming a nurse; read this article for more on nursing theory and Illinois College of Nursing tuition.

The Metaparadigm of Nursing

Metaparadigms provide structure for how different disciplines in health care should function, like nursing. Here we present four major concepts linked to nursing theory as meta paradigms for our discipline in the healthcare industry.


This component of the metaparadigm emphasizes both patients and those closest to them in providing for their well-being, taking into account the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients as well. According to this theory, individuals are better able to maintain good health when surrounded by positive people who offer encouragement for nursing homes.


Health, within its broadest meaning, encompasses multiple components that contribute to our well-being: physical, mental, spiritual, and social components that should all work in unison for maximum outcomes in terms of wellness in practical nurses.


This theory centers around how an individual’s environment impacts their health and well-being, ultimately allowing individuals to change it for improved well-being in the nursing program of the healthcare industry.


This aspect of the metaparadigm acknowledges the relationship between nurses and their patients, emphasizing creating safe environments with caring service at its center. The emphasis also focuses on high-quality service being delivered at every moment by nurses or healthcare providers.

Nursing models and theories developed through research are used to inform nursing practice worldwide, from the United States to other parts of Europe and Australia. Each theory incorporates concepts like meta-paradigm nursing into its core. These nursing models’ creators’ ideas determine specific nursing practices, and you can get online degree programs or hybrid lpn programs such as accredited LPN programs for degree in nursing.

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What is The Difference Between Nursing Theories?

Nursing theories can be divided into three broad categories, grand, mid-range, and practice. Please take a look below at each level in more detail:

Grand Nursing Theories

This category encompasses theories that are founded upon complex or abstract ideas. Grand nursing theories typically provide a high-level overview of nursing concepts instead of delving deeper.

Middle-Range Nursing Theories

Grand theories can be defined as more general in scope. They may come from nursing research or practice as clinical requirements or college degrees.

Nursing Theory For Practice

Theories at this level represent those most specific and targeted toward one patient population or niche area of practice as clinical requirements.

Why is Nursing Theories Important?

Nursing theory plays an essential part in patient care. Students and professionals can both draw strength from similar theories within nursing. With more people turning to healthcare than ever, theories like these provide structure for patient care services to thrive, yet nursing theories remain just the start! Nursing theories provide many additional advantages as part of professional development for nurses as they continue their professional lives.

  • Nurses need to be able to justify their decisions in healthcare.
  • Research evidence-based to guide best practices and policies.
  • Help nurses evaluate patient care.
  • Nurses should be better informed about their role and purpose in healthcare. Ensure nursing best practices are being used.
  • Nurses should have a distinct identity distinguishing their nursing practice from medical practice.
  • Nurses are important to patients and healthcare professionals.

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Yet this article only scratched the surface. There’s much more that awaits those interested in nursing education, whether that be as student nurses to know more LPN training Illinois is there for you; for new nursing students or professionals wanting to advance their career, a nursing degree program further may offer tremendous assistance in that respect.